Laws, Regs, and Codes

Land development is controlled by a complex maze of regulations at the local, regional, state, and federal levels. While each partition in this maze has been erected in good faith, over the decades the result has often become a bureaucratic nightmare. Delay and wasted money is one unintended consequence; others are the absence of focus on what the community deems as a healthy development pattern and is willing to help rather than hinder.

Reconnecting Lee County’s principal concern is laws, regulations and codes at the county or municipal level that would enable a shift from a 20th century to a 21st century land-use paradigm that would result in more liveable communities. Nonetheless, many regional and state regulations also deserve reexamination.

The Reconnecting Lee County website provides you with resources so you can examine how other communities have addressed similar regulatory and code problems.

Viable communities always require a balance between freedom of action and concern for public safety and quality of life. Problems usually are the result of tipping this balance in ways that overlook one aspect of this equation. Are there specific laws, regulations or codes that you think need to be reexamined, or to be created, to ensure that we keep this balance and move forward in an effective manner?

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